Barre Fitness is a fun, energetic class that takes the principles of Ballet, Pilates, dance conditioning and interval training, and gives you a comprehensive full body workout that defines and tones the body and burns calories. This class requires no dance experience and is suitable for all ages, for those who are returning to ballet or the complete beginner, because of the controlled nature of the class it is also suitable for pre and post natal clients.

This workout uses dance moves such as pliés & relevés to work the legs, along with light weights to define the muscles of the arms. The class will make use of the barre for balance as well as adding in additional equipment such as weights and small Pilates balls.  Barre Fitness is an intense full body workout that ensures all body parts are challenged equally & that you benefit completely from every single minute in the class. 


The barre fitness class that I teach consists of four fundamental aspects:

  • Barre Basics – the fundamental Barre moves from Ballet, Fitness & Yoga
  • Barre Body – conditioning sequences for total body shaping
  • Barre Burn – intense, cardio moves and blasts
  • Barre Bend – flexibility exercise for the perfect stretch

The movements are small but the contractions are deep. Flatten your abdominals, sculpt and define your arms, shoulders and back, reduce cellulite, and lift and shape your bottom and legs.

Intense bursts of energy alternate with deep stretching for body shaping, fat burning fun.

Barre Fitness is a safe, controlled, intense and low impact class.


“My Core is so much stronger since doing your class, my back pain has gone and I’m more conscious about my posture. I’m definitely not a ballet dancer but my legs shake after the class so I must be doing something right!”

“You just have to look at a professional ballet dancer’s body to see how hard they must work to achieve their lean, strong bodies.  Barre Fitness is not an easy workout…it’s slow, controlled and makes you sweat, I never thought I could work my body this much by doing such small movements, I love how I feel after this class, and my body is starting to feel the effects too”