TRX is a full-body strength workout that uses your own body weight instead of relying on machines or dumbbells.TRX Suspension training uses straps, gravity, and your body weight to increase your strength, balance, and core stability for all over conditioning.

Classes consist of a combination of exercises that work the Lowerbody, upperbody and core. The TRX is a great workout as it allows you to work in a variety of planes and in all ranges of motion, that you cant necessarily work with weighted and resistance exercises. 

TRX is my favourite piece of gym kit, it works the whole body In short periods of time and is especially good at working your core. 


“ I love TRX classes as it’s a great workout.  The classes are always creative, fun, and a challenge so you push yourself past your limits”

 “ I love the TRX as my upperbody is quite weak, the trx allows me to tone my arms without using weights. My arms are always a good sore after this class, I definitely feel stronger.”