Circuit Training is a fantastic workout that’s great for everyone, regardless of fitness level. It incorporates a variety of exercises at separate stations, which depending on the class set up can be taken part with a partner, small groups and on your own.

Each exercise can be taken at your own pace, so that you can work to your own level. When teaching circuits I really concentrate on technique making sure that everyone is working in a safe and effective way.


Circuits is a great way to help you get in shape, while the friendly nature of the classes means you’re more likely to keep coming back.

Circuit training is very time efficient which makes it a popular method of training. It is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength endurance.

Circuits will elevate your heart rate and keep it high through the entire circuit due to the short rest periods.


We use a range of weighted equipment as well as resistance bands, steps and mats in the combination of upper, lower and whole body exercises.

This class is a high intensity class that is suitable for everyone as you work to your own ability and pace. Circuits can sometimes be a daunting prospect to new members, which is why my main priority in teaching circuits is to create a  friendly, safe and fun environment that allows everyone to be able to exercise.


“I’ve always enjoyed circuit based classes, but with Claire’s class, you feel that she is constantly watching you, you can’t get away with slacking, but in the same breath you can’t get away with bad technique either”

“Always a different class, you never know what to expect, which is why I go back each week. I never get bored”

“ I was the newbie last week, although I was nervous about taking part in a circuits class, Claire explained that I should work at my own pace and then throughout the class she was encouraging and made me work harder than I thought I could. I left feeling like I’d nailed it”

 “When she knows your name that’s it, she’ll be on the other side of the room and then your name gets called to work harder, get your legs up, keep going. She’s got eyes in the back of her head. Raff is a great motivator.”

Zumba with Raff

Zumba with Raff – RaffPT – Personal Trainer

Zumba with Raff

Zumba with Raff – RaffPT – Personal Trainer

Zumba with Raff

Claire-Louise Rafferty – Raffpt – Personal Trainer – Gloucestershire – Cheltenham – Churchdown