Is a high intensity interval training class based on boxing training. We use boxing gloves and pads and is a contact class but only to pads or bags. Suitable for all ages and abilities, boxercise is a fast paced class designed to get your heart rate up and work your whole body.

Classes involve a variety of moves and techniques, such as shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, body weight exercises, and shuttle-runs. The class is to music and is a very energetic, safe, fun and challenging way to get a good, all-over workout.


 Boxercise is a great physical workout, by increasing stamina, upperbody strength, core strength as well increasing hand eye coordination and improving posture. Boxing is also great from a mental health aspect too. It releases aggression in a controlled and channeled way; it helps your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence; it helps you to focus and increase levels of concentration. It’s a great class after a stressful or a tough day.

On the downside, when you first start boxercise, you might find your knuckles and wrists are a little sore, purely because these are parts of your body that rarely get a tough workout. It’s important that you have a good set of boxing gloves and pads, these are pretty inexpensive and I can advise on the brand and make of gloves to buy. Feel free to contact me prior to the class for more information.


“Boxercise is one of my favourite classes. It’s everything an exercise. Lass should be, great fun, super sweaty and gets my heart rate right up. You always finish a class feeling better than when you started, especially after a bad day. Raff is a great instructor, she explains things clearly but you never feel silly for asking or getting things wrong” 

 “ I do a lot of Claire’s classes, I am fitter, physically and mentally stronger and I’ve met some many new people, some of my best friends I met through Claire’s classes.”