Is a contemporary approach to yoga, it’s mixes traditional yoga postures, stretches and balances with fitness principles. Traditional yoga tends to combine both the physical and spiritual experience, in FFY we concentrate on the physical aspect using yoga postures that endorse strength and stability and increase flexibility.

FFY focuses on transitions from one posture to another which challenges the skeletal muscles as you lift and lower the body/body parts and hold a posture; or flow from a lunge, to a plank, to a tricep press. FFY is designed to get the very best out of everyone so is suitable for complete beginners or those wanting to change and adapt there yoga practice. Challenging yourself physically and rising to the challenge will lead to improved self-confidence and an ever increasing positive mental attitude.





What I have learnt from teaching Freestyle Fitness Yoga is that this class should not be taken too seriously, you should be able to laugh while trying to get your body from one position to another. What I enjoy about teaching this class is obviously the physical benefits but also the mental benefits of taking the time to slow down. FFY  takes away any preconceptions of Yoga, as the basis is purely fitness rather than an in depth spiritual understanding which can be daunting to new members wanting to start a class. Understanding what you are being asked to do and why is so important for body awareness.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is taught from a fitness perspective so you don’t need to know your uttanasana from your bakasana. You will learn which posture for example stretches your hamstring, when your abdominals are working and where your diaphragm is! In Freestyle Fitness Yoga you are encouraged to take control of your workout in order that each individual; the strongest, the weakest, the most supple, the inflexible, gets the maximum out of their practice. FFY is the perfect entry point into a yoga based class as it starts from the basics and progresses for the individual


“This is a great addition to my workout schedule, I love that I can now take the time to stretch but by still getting a decent workout. I feel stronger and can hold the poses a little longer than a couple of weeks ago” 

 “ FFY is such an enjoyable class, it is so different to any of the other high energetic classes I go to. FFY is a yoga class that doesn’t have any long words for positions, chanting or funny noises. It isn’t as serious as traditional yoga classes, you can balance, fall over and laugh. It’s a fun class that has so many benefits.”