The old cliche when talking about weight loss is that one person can change your life and how you view becoming active, I didn’t believe in this cliche until I met Claire. I had reached a point in my life where I was not happy with the way I looked or felt, and decided a change was needed… however there was one major issue I had no idea ‘how to gym’!!! That’s where Claire came in! 

Not only were my PT sessions tailored to me and my goals but they were all genuine fun. I felt totally safe from the start, and truly felt supported in everything I achieved. Scarily not only did I end up with phenomenal results I also ended up with a new found love of fitness, sport and myself. It amazes me how one person could help me reclaim my life and shape who I was going to become. 

If you are thinking of training with Claire stop thinking and just do it! She will totally change not just your fitness levels but your attitude to life and your self image! I had the best times training with Claire. 


I started to loose weight after entering a step challenge at work and decided I’d get more results with a personal trainer. Claire is a fantastic trainer, appreciating not only the physical aspects but psychological as well. With Claire’s encouragement, I’ve achieved things I didn’t think were possible only six months ago.


Claire is an amazing PT. I wanted at the age of 60 to tone up and loose weight for my daughters wedding.  Not only did Claire’s personalised training ensure I met my goals but she also provided sound nutritional and exercise advice to support me on my journey. With Claire’s support she motivated and pushed me past the barriers of my comfort zone but importantly we had some fun and laughs along the way.  Cannot recommend her highly enough and I am still so pleased with the results and I continue to proud to “get my guns out” 


I trained with Claire-louise for two years where I was looking to improve my cardio. Claire pushed me to the limit where her HiTT sessions were second to none. Claire brings the fun into training whilst giving you the results you need.


I started PT with Claire to get in shape for my wedding, not only did I fit into my dress, but I felt amazing!

Claire really listens to what you want to achieve, and keeps you motivated, sessions are always well planned and exercises are varied so you never know what’s coming! Will it be Rainbows, Windmills, Bunny Hops, or the dreaded Joey squats?! ☺ Claire makes exercising fun and interesting, explaining what we are doing and why. I have noticed a massive change in my upper body strength and have real muscle definition which I never thought possible. I have learnt so much about how muscles connect and work, and how best to look after them after a good workout. I am also more confident to us the gym on my own.  I always come away for PT sessions with a smile on my face, even when I have had the worse day at work.


I came to Claire-Louise 4 years ago after realising I could not shift the post-baby weight myself and also knowing I needed to build core strength and confidence after lower back problems post childbirth. Being in the military, fitness is important and I had not been able to achieve the required  standard for over 10 years. Easily 4 stone overweight and with limited ability she quickly identified an appropriate eating regime for my busy lifestyle, set me some fitness appropriate exercises and encouraged me to do more dance (I loved Zumba to which she was the Instructor).

We set goals and with every month my weight reduced, my strength increased and my confidence soared. 4 years later I am now a Zumba Instructor (her understudy), an Aqua Zumba instructor, several stones lighter, 4 dress sizes smaller and much stronger both physically and mentally. I passed my fitness test for the military with ease within a year and have maintained currency ever since which has allowed me to try new skills like skiing with work. Her compassion, understanding, mentorship and strength to push me forward has been unquestionable throughout our time together and she really is a superb personal trainer as she develops not not just the physical person but also the mental person in her work to confidence build, something very rare in a personal trainer.