Online coaching with Raff PT helps busy individuals transform their bodies by offering training and nutrition plans that are tailored to suit their goals and lifestyles. My own fitness journey has helped me better appreciate what people go through when trying to keep the weight off or achieving there fitness goals and the main challenge is always “not enough time to get to the gym”.

The benefit of training through an online portal is that you train on your own time and from your own space but still receive the support and accountability that you will find from face to face training. 


It’s important to understand what works for an individual and what doesn’t work, when the old workout no longer has the same effect, it’s time to break the mould. An individual and personalised workout plan you can do on your time will rejuvenate, revitalise and restore the real you.

Raff PT will provide you with home-based workouts that are usually 20-40minutes long, that will test your abilities and push you towards your goals, by keeping routines fresh and exciting.



Customised workouts from Raff PT are based on what you tell me in your initial video call consultation. I then plan your workouts based on what we have talked about: your lifestyle, where you can exercise, what equipment you have, when you want to train and how many hours you can put towards your workout each week . Like face to face personal training the biggest part of reaching your goals is down to the nutrition. You will receive a nutrition plan to follow, and weekly food diary’s to complete to keep you accountable, it is just as important that I give you the support with food and nutrition programming as I do with the the exercise programming.


Unlike other online personal training programmes this is very much tailored to you and based on you as a person. It’s important that I establish how you train, what you enjoy, your time constraints and your motivations. The more information I have the more specific your training will be and the more effective for you. This is not an off the peg training programme, Raff PT online training is specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time effective.

Your three month online programme consists of:

An initial video call consultation
Lifestyle questionnaire
Your bespoke training plan- 1 monthly challenge session will be sent at the start of the month.  Plus 2 weekly tailored sessions (20-40mins) to be sent to you via video and written workouts.
Weekly nutrition diary and planning
Detailed nutrition plan and recipes
Weekly check ins
Text, email and video call support
Monthly weigh-ins and Measurements
The cost is £200 per month (paid monthly or in full)