And We’re Back In The Room!

And……We’re Back!

… Raff PT is all about being positive and I can see from the last six months that you are all fully embracing being positive and keeping on top of your fitness and ultimately your mental health.. long may it continue!

Breaking News! 

We are so excited to announce that we have acquired a new studio space which will enable us to offer more live classes, Face to Face!

The new classes will start week commencing Monday 5th October 2020.

There are options to suit everyone. Online classes, Face to Face classes and because of the internet we can now offer both these s together with a Live Stream option. 

These are the payment options available:

  • All Inclusive Membership  – £40 – includes Face to Face, Online and Live Stream classes for each calendar month
  • Online Membership only – £25 – includes all Online and Live Stream classes for each calendar month 
  • Face to Face: Pay as you go – £5 pp per class (cash on the door)
  • Online Class: Pay as you go – £4 per household per class

The new timetable is now available online for booking, and we must stress it is essential to book, as numbers are limited due to Government Covid restrictions. 




There is a full timetable of virtual live streamed classes that have been added to my website for you to continue your health and wellbeing journey even if you can’t make it to a physical face to face class! 

All Online Classes are run through Zoom – and can be booked through the Raff PT website.The Meeting ID and Password will be emailed to you on completion of booking.

Monthly membership covering all online classes for the calendar month is £25 or £4 per class pay as you go per household.

I want to be as inclusive as possible in this strange and unpredictable time, if we’ve learnt anything it’s that I can now use a computer, so that if you are struggling to get to a physical class you can still join in the fun by logging in online.  

Payments can be made online and can be paid directly through PAYPAL after completing your booking. 
We do prefer BACS payments and once initially set up it is very easy to continue your payments in this way.

Contact me for Account Details:




  • The best thing you can do to help me and pay it forward, is to leave me a review on Google or Facebook. Google reviews can be left if you use the google browser to search for Raffpt and you should see somewhere on the business details to leave a review.
  • Facebook reviews are left through the app.
  • And please share everything you can through facebook, instagram and all the other ways we know of talking to people!

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Stay Active
Raff x 


New – Group PT Class

At Last! A New In Person Class with Real People (and appropriate social distancing of course)


Due to the new government guidelines I will now be taking social distancing group PT sessions for 5 people.

Come rain or shine, well be swinging kettle bells, walking up hills, using cardio kit, trx, ropes, tyres and your own bodyweight.

All group PT classes will take place outside at Raff PT, using the outside gym and surrounding land.

Finishing with a coffee and a catch up. Booking is essential for this class and will be available to book one week prior.

A waiting list will be active for this class.

Any late cancelations will be charged at the full rate (less than 24hours notice).

Friday 11.30-12.15 £8pp per class



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RaffPT Group Fitness Classes 17-18 December

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all in the Gym, People were trying to get fit before Xmas Lunch!

Join the last two RaffPT group exercise evenings at Chosen Hill School before the Christmas Break.

Classes and PT start again in the new year !


18:00-18:25 Lower Body Blast

18:25-19:00 Abs Armageddon

19:00-19:55 Zumba with Raff


18:00-18:15 Fatburn Fifteen

18:15-19:00 Zumba with Raff

19:00-19:45 Freestyle Fitness Yoga

And then

It’s time for Christmas!

RaffPT Group Fitness Classes 18-23 November




18:00-19:00 Boxercise Circuits Special!

19:00-19:55 Zumba with Raff


18:00-18:15 Fatburn Fifteen

18:15-19:00 Zumba with Raff

19:00-19:45 Freestyle Fitness Yoga


10:00-11:00 Zumba with Raff


Don’t forget there are no group classes at Chosen Hill School this Monday, 18th November and Next Monday 25th November due to exams in the hall.

For the next two Tuesdays, the hour before Zumba with Raff will be a special Boxercise Circuits class

RaffPT Group Classes 11-16 November 2019 RaffPT


18:00-18:45 Boxercise

18:45-19:30 Circuits

19:30-20:00 Barre Fitness


18:00-18:25 Abs Armageddon

18:30-18:55 Lower Body Blast

19:00-19:55 Zumba


18:00-18:15 Fatburn Fifteen

18:15-19:00 Zumba

19:00-19:45 Freestyle Fitness Yoga


11:00-14:00 Charity Zumbathon 2019

Charity Zumbathon 2019 Raffpt

It’s Zumbathon Time! This years Charity Zumbathon 2019 organised by Zumba with Raff will be held at Chosen Hill School, Churchdown on Saturday 16th November starting at 11.00 and running until 2.00pm.

Thickets are £8 per person with all proceeds going to Charity. Everyone, literally everyone is welcome!! Tell your friends!

Message @zumbawithraff or @clraffers for more information on this Charity Zumbathon!
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