Nichola Orrey Joins Raff PT

New PT Joins Raff PT!

Due to there not being enough hours in the day to deal with the number of requests I get for Personal Training sessions with Raff PT, I’m so pleased to introduce Nichola who will be running PT sessions from Raff PT headquarters. Many of you know Nichola already and I know she can’t wait to get started.

Nichola Orrey – Personal Trainer and Somatic Movement Teacher


I discovered traditional Resistance Training in my early twenties, then after having children in my mid-thirties I wanted to find a way of being strong and mobile for life and to help others to achieve that.  I retrained from my previous career in Event Logistics and Television Production to become a Personal Trainer at the age of 40.

I am an Essential Somatic Movement Teacher and Natural Movement Practitioner.  In addition, I work with clients who want to improve their health and fitness as part of Cancer Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Exercise Referral for specific medical conditions or diagnoses.

I have for a long time been interested in holistic practices and how people’s health and wellbeing are affected by physical, mental and emotional stress. I help you to get an understanding of how your hopes, fears, anxieties affect the tension in your body, and your health and wellbeing.

Personal Training with me is about improving your physical movement, practical, emotional and mental resilience to achieve your goals.  I use natural human movement skills within my coaching of clients and in my own training to gain greater mobility, strength, and wellness.  Using movement through play and experimentation.  Making your changes in fitness and health less of a chore and more a way of life.

Private one-to-one Personal Training

Using functional & practical training skills. Encouraging you to use your body more effectively. Improving your physical movement means you perform better, increase your stamina.  When you realise how much more you can achieve for yourself.  You strengthen your mental resilience and motivation to achieve your goals.

Somatic Movement

A gentle neuromuscular practice which re-educates the neural pathways of the fight or flight response. Releasing blocks and tension in the muscles caused by trauma, injuries or repetitive postural habits. Increasing your range of movement and therefore performance by re-educating your postural habits.

 When you reconnect with your body’s natural movement abilities – everything from exercise performance, to getting out of bed, to moving furniture, to family play, feels different.


Having had to abandon free weights for health reasons I wanted to switch to improving my functional fitness and flexibility. Nichola introduced me to Natural Movement training and the change in my flexibility in just a few months has been very noticeable. So much so that my golf improved – even getting my first hole in one.. Her depth of knowledge and how she incorporates that to her training is remarkable. The training sessions are always challenging but fun. Dave, Cheltenham

Somatics has helped me to start to understand my body better and work on problem areas.  Having suffered a trauma with my lower back many years ago, and with a job that entails a lot of driving, my range of movement had become limited and ‘lop-sided’ – my brain was telling certain muscles that they couldn’t perform as ‘it would hurt’.  Using Somatics with Nichola has enabled me to free up certain muscles and understand what I need to do to re-train my brain to allow me to have improved movement.   The slow pace and focus needed has also been beneficial holistically. Susie, Gloucester



I have consistently used the techniques taught by Nichola. . I noticed a big shift in awareness of my body which enables me to identify better patterns of soreness and stiffness and help to release through the gentle movements. I have incorporated these techniques into my use of weights and this has led to increasing strength and range of movement. Caroline, Gloucester



Nicky introduced Somatic movement work into my personal training sessions over several months.

I have found it very beneficial to my physical and mental wellbeing.  I suffer with various muscular problems in my back, hip and knee.  After half an hour of a Somatic session any pain is noticeably better and I have more flexibility.

At first, I found it difficult to move slowly and mindfully, but the more I have practised the more in tune and aware I am of my body.  I can now listen and respond to what my body is telling me.  I find Somatic practice has also helped me hugely when I suffer with anxiety.  Tuning in to my needs and adapting the movements when needed, the difference it can make is incredible. Catherine, Gloucester


Nichola Orrey Joins Raff PT



Due to the latest guidelines from PHE regarding the Corona Virus all the classes are now ONLINE, bought to you by the miracle of technology and Zoom.

Please go to the Timetable and Booking pages for details.

See you there!

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Due to the latest guidelines from PHE regarding the Corona Virus we are postponing all Physical Classes.

Instead we are moving ONLINE !

Watch this space for details and timetable.

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This is a very unsure time and we don’t fully know what’s happening right now. But mass hysteria will get us NOWHERE.


? I am following the guidelines given to the leisure industry by the government very closely regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.


So here is my plan…


?? Firstly you can never be to fit or to healthy and I think we all need the endorphins at the moment, so all classes and PT sessions will be going ahead as usual this week. Don’t forget regular exercise can help boost your immune system.


☝? I am however taking the health and wellbeing of my members and clients very seriously. As a result I am implementing the following actions to make sure we are keeping fit and healthy but also keeping you safe:


 ? Boxercise WILL be going ahead as usual however I have decided to change the class slightly and cease the use of boxing gloves and pads to prevent the spread of the virus. The class will still have a boxing basis and be high intensity like the usual class but will be non contact. Think Rocky fighting his own shadow!


??‍♀️ Please bring your own mats to Freestyle Fitness Yoga. I do have a couple of brand new mats that can be purchased. Please message me for details. Alternatively you can pick them up very cheaply from home bargains or online.


? Secondly, to state the obvious. If you have any signs of a new cough or fever please please stay at home and follow the government guidelines on self isolation. We rely on people to take responsibility for their own health and that of fellow members. I will be posting workouts online for those that have to self isolate.


?‍? Thirdly, I will keep my pages and website up to date so that you will know if the guidelines change regarding school closures, gatherings of certain sizes and generally any guidance that will affect us in the fitness industry.


?? Please keep washing your hands before and after classes and PT sessions. I will be providing antibac at all classes and sessions for when you arrive and leave. 


 ? For the time being I will not be taking any cash payments to eliminate the spread of germs so classes can be booked and paid for online at


? Keep following our page and help us keep fit and healthy for as long as we can by following the above advice and that of the government.


? Stay positive

?‍♀️ Keep coming to classes

??‍♀️ Be mindful

?? Think of others

??‍♀️ Stay moving


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Classes Cancelled 10th-15th Feb

Unfortunately Chosen Hill School have just informed me that they have a show on all next week and need the use of both gymnasiums.

Therefore I am unable to hire the halls for any classes next week.

This means that there will be no classes on at chosen hill school next week Monday-Sunday. So sorry they only let me know late last night!!


Walk With Me Raff PT!

In February I will be on my honeymoon to South Africa.

All my classes are covered so there is no excuse not to keep on top of your goals. I have put together a challenge to push you that extra step (pun intended).

Walk, run, dance 80km in the month of February and log and send me your progress and earn your self a Walk With Me medal ? ⛰ ? Who’s up for the challenge?

Tickets are £10 per person with a medal at the end once we’ve checked your fitness trackers!

Message @zumbawithraff or @clraffers for more information on this Walking Challenge!

#walkwithme #zumbawithraff #raffpt