This is a very unsure time and we don’t fully know what’s happening right now. But mass hysteria will get us NOWHERE.


? I am following the guidelines given to the leisure industry by the government very closely regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.


So here is my plan…


?? Firstly you can never be to fit or to healthy and I think we all need the endorphins at the moment, so all classes and PT sessions will be going ahead as usual this week. Don’t forget regular exercise can help boost your immune system.


☝? I am however taking the health and wellbeing of my members and clients very seriously. As a result I am implementing the following actions to make sure we are keeping fit and healthy but also keeping you safe:


 ? Boxercise WILL be going ahead as usual however I have decided to change the class slightly and cease the use of boxing gloves and pads to prevent the spread of the virus. The class will still have a boxing basis and be high intensity like the usual class but will be non contact. Think Rocky fighting his own shadow!


??‍♀️ Please bring your own mats to Freestyle Fitness Yoga. I do have a couple of brand new mats that can be purchased. Please message me for details. Alternatively you can pick them up very cheaply from home bargains or online.


? Secondly, to state the obvious. If you have any signs of a new cough or fever please please stay at home and follow the government guidelines on self isolation. We rely on people to take responsibility for their own health and that of fellow members. I will be posting workouts online for those that have to self isolate.


?‍? Thirdly, I will keep my pages and website up to date so that you will know if the guidelines change regarding school closures, gatherings of certain sizes and generally any guidance that will affect us in the fitness industry.


?? Please keep washing your hands before and after classes and PT sessions. I will be providing antibac at all classes and sessions for when you arrive and leave. 


 ? For the time being I will not be taking any cash payments to eliminate the spread of germs so classes can be booked and paid for online at www.raffpt.com


? Keep following our page and help us keep fit and healthy for as long as we can by following the above advice and that of the government.


? Stay positive

?‍♀️ Keep coming to classes

??‍♀️ Be mindful

?? Think of others

??‍♀️ Stay moving


#staypositive #staymoving #bemindful #bekind #raffpt